English Drama Group: ZAP

“ZAP”  (an adaptation of  the so-called play by Paul Fleischman) brings the idea of channel surfing to stage! Its opening scene has a House Manager inviting the audience to use imaginary remote controls when they feel the urge to switch plays because they feel bored. This should make theater able to compete with customers’  TV – watching – habits. What follows is a hilarious clashing of conventions as periodic zap-sounds change scenes and genres of 5 typical plays: scenes of Shakespeare’sMacbeth is set side by side with scenes of four invented dramas such as aComedy, Southern Play, a pieces of the theater of the absurd, called  Avant-Garde-Play and an English Mystery. The fun increases as actors on stage (unlike TV actors!) are well aware of being “zapped away” and become angrier and more and more offended about getting cut off before their scene is finished. As a result, they unexpectedly step out of character to speak their minds…

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The English Drama Group Ziehenschule Frankfurt presents:

ZAP (an adaptation of  the so-called play by Paul Fleischman
Directed by Petra Rolke, Assistent: Fabiola Doni

Ziehenschule Frankfurt at Aula

Mi, 28-04-10 um 19.30 Uhr
Do, 29-04-10 um 19.30 Uhr
Fr, 30-04-09 um 19.30 Uhr

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