Nothing but the truth!

Come and see the next „English Drama Group Performance“. The new play the EDG is currently working on shows the other side of several fairy tales when two of their biggest villains, the „Big Bad Wolf“ and the „Wicked Witch“ are brought to trial. But – not only is this trial itself extremely unusual – all the well-known characters turn out to be somewhat different… (Foto: Rüffer / fnp)

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The English Drama Group Ziehenschule Frankfurt presents:

Nothing but the truth (An Adaptation of “Fairy Tale Courtroom”
by Dana Proulx. Directed by Petra Rolke, Assistent: Fabiola Doni

Ziehenschule Frankfurt at Aula

Mi, 18-05-11 um 19.30 Uhr
Do, 19-05-11 um 19.30 Uhr
Fr, 20-05-11 um 19.30 Uhr

6,50 Euro Adults
4,00 Euro Students